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The pipes presented on the archive pages have been sold.

I certainly appreciate all the email and snail mail that I receive, I would like to share a few comments.

" ...it feels wonderful in the hand and smokes beautifully. " G.LK

" Your handwork is an inspiration to artists and gentlepeople". C.E.

" Thank you ! The pipe is exactly what I wanted." J.C.

" Thanks! It's beautiful." C.L.

" The pipe arrived today and looks wonderful - great straight grain, nice proportion and balance. Can't wait to get home and start breaking it in. My compliments to you and your excellent craftsmanship and artistry." EJH

"By now I have had an opportunity to smoke the new pipe several times and I must admit it hardly needs breaking in. I particularly like how the bowl doesn't get as hot as some of my other pipes. Thank you again. I am enjoying my new pipe very much." EJH

"...pipes have a grace and sense of proportion that few pipe-makers can match - especially with larger pieces. Form and function are nicely balanced in his designs. Each pipe is a one-of-a-kind creation, however, Elliott is not given to the outlandish design flourishes that some pipe-makers fall back on to make their pipes unique. He's doing his best work yet." JG

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