Elliott Nachwalter

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I built my present studio in the fall of '96 as the first snows of winter began to fall. The studio is perched above the flow of the the Battenkill and is surrounded by the Taconic and Green mountains. It is here that I find the inspiration for my work.
The essence of a well made pipe depends greatly upon the briar from which it is made. The burls that I use are selected from the finest briar available in Greece and Italy. The burls are chosen for their beauty and smoking quality. briar

briar burls from Greece and Italy

pipe design
It is at this point that I attempt to take the concept of a shape that resides in my mind's eye and begin the first step of creating the pipe. The pipe design should be pleasing to the eye, well balanced and easy to hold in your mouth. The pipe should fit your hand comfortably and have a sensual feel to it.
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